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Adopt 2 adorable puppies   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
'Pomidor' and 'Xiao 6' have survived distemper (which has a mortality rate amont small dogs of around 90%) with intense care. lots of love and a great portion of luck and are ready to relocate to loving adopters (ideally in Shanghai).

These 2 brothers are just amazing and can go in a pair or one by one. Pomidor (the white one) and Xiao 6 (the redhead, named after his 6 toes on the rear feet) are just 2 happy brothers who love to run around and make fun with anything.

Did you ever wonder how to find true love? Easiest thing in the world!
Just give those 2 amazing boys a loving home. You will be happier then ever though, I promise!

Or as Pomidor has put it:

"our rescuer has grown a heart for us and therefore didn't check anything for us yet. I mean the dude is ok, but we really need to get out of here and find our own place(s) at some point, right? Oh, and ... we may not look like it but 'yes', we are brothers. Furthermore we fluently ignore German, Chinese and even a little English"

.... Bilder gibt's hier
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