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Achtung: Tierfallen in Yanlord Garden   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
Liebe Forumiten,

uns hat die Nachricht erreicht, daß in Yanlord Garden (mal wieder) Tierfallen ausgelegt wurden, in die sich bis dato leider auch zwei Katzen verfangen haben. Gebrochene Beine waren das Resultat.


We are shocked to discover that the use of animal trap appeared in Yanlord Garden again!!!!

One of the residents? pet came home crying with a broken leg and the trap is left on his leg!!! Today we found another resident?s cat with another broken leg and went hiding.

This has happened before in the March 2010. The trap used last time was less hurtful to the animal. This time, the trap is set to harm and kill!!!!!!

We have been forced to face this issue every year. We find it unacceptable that Yanlord Garden being a highly regarded and respected international community yet this kind of cruel and uncivilized behaviour kept occurring on a yearly basis.

We urge your attention and action to call the management to stop this immediately as well as to pass on this information to ALL you know:

1. That the management shall not allow outsiders to come in to do such thing as these personnel are unidentifiable and can be harmful to any residents,

2. That the management shall not conduct such behaviour for the below reasons:
a. the trap is not necessary since there are rodents pipe and cats in the garden already;
b. the trap is designed to hurt whatever is being trapped and it is very barbarian and cruel;
c. the trap is dangerous to anyone who accidentally got trapped to it including kids, workers working around the garden and pets!
d. before setting any trap for rodents for argument sake, the management needs to put a warning sign in the area and the trap need to be safe for pets and human! This type of trap is intended to catch larger animals like cats, not rats!!!!

Please help to stop this repetitive, extremely cruel and harmful to the pets and human in contact trap ONCE FOR ALL!!
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